Stand Builders – Are your clients coming to Thailand?

If your client’s exhibiting in Thailand, you’ll more than likely need a local stand fabrication partner to take care of not only the manufacture, setup and dismantle of your stand, but also the array of additional orders that pop up along the way. In addition, you’ll also want to be able to communicate efficiently and ensure that things don’t get lost in translation.

At Fret Free Productions we can offer you exactly that. 

Our company is British-Thai owned and our Thai office is just 15 minutes away from one of Thailand’s largest trade show venues, BITEC. Our British team speak Thai, so all of the communication with the local show organiser, official contractors and suppliers can be taken care of with ease leaving you to focus on your own objectives.

We can offer you a turnkey service and we’re happy to take care of everything from floral arrangements to the electrics and plumbing, so all you need to do onsite is take care of your client.

First timers . . .

As with any country across the world, in Thailand there are both cheap and expensive stand builders and the production quality varies dramatically between them. We are not the cheapest supplier in Thailand, nor do we wish to be. In the same respect, we are not the most expensive by any means.

We are a strong believer that you get what you pay for, and we provide quality fabrication for reasonable prices. Our objective is not to make a huge profit on every stand, but to deliver high quality trade show booths that you and your clients will be happy with – and then repeat the business.

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