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Find out more about the NEC Birmingham and how Fret Free Productions can help with your exhibition stand.

Stand Design at the NEC

About the NEC Birmingham

The National Exhibition Centre first opened in 1976. Better known as NEC Birmingham, it has grown to become the UK’s largest event space with 18 exhibition halls and 32 conference suites.

The interconnected halls cover 190,000 m2 (2,000,000 sq ft) of floor space, attracting exhibitors from around the world in thanks to its world class facilities, ample parking spaces for visitors and excellent infrastructure for exhibitors.

The NEC Birmingham’s size and global reputation ensure that exhibitors gain the best exposure possible, making it an attractive proposition for businesses looking to generate new business and enhance their brand.
With 2 million visitors visiting an exhibition at the NEC each year, ease of access is imperative and thankfully it’s central location and connectivity makes it easy for both visitors and exhibitors to travel to and from the arena. Fret Free Productions Europe office and workshop is just under 2 hours from the venue allowing for us to build exhibition stands with minimal fuss.

Why Choose Fret Free Productions for your Exhibition Stand at the NEC?
It can be a daunting (and expensive) experience when exhibiting at a show, and exhibitions at the NEC Birmingham is no different – and you need a stand contractor that you can trust.

Fret Free Productions has designed and built booths for world renowned brands at the NEC over the years. We can provide customized bespoke builds to match your budget.  Fret Free Productions, as a member of the Event Supplier and Services Association (ESSA) is bound by their code of conduct which gives our customers peace of mind that we are committed to the highest level of professional service and that we’re fully insured and vetted.

Looking for Bespoke Stand Design at the NEC?
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Budget Exhibition Stands at the NEC Birmingham

With our workshop just a couple of hours away from the NEC, we pride ourselves on providing our clients with professional trade show presence at affordable prices. We have a range of budget exhibition stands available starting from just £350 per SQM.

Our budget stands, are built with our stock of Bematrix. Although the structures are modular, the finishing is bespoke, ensuring your stand is individual and represents your brand the way you want. We use fabrics and panel graphics as our finishing layer, so all the faces of the stand can be customised with your own graphics and branding. Not only does this provide you with a professional looking stand on a budget, but it’s also much more sustainable ensuring your exhibiting carbon foot print is reduced.

To make this option even more economical, we are also able to offer multi-year contracts which means we can store your fabric and panel graphics in our warehouse so they can be used year after year reducing the cost of exhibiting at the NEC.

Whether you have a 90 sqm or 9 sqm space – we’ll help find a solution. Contact us to request your free, no obligation proposal at the button below, or find out more about our budget modular exhibition stands

Exhibiting at the NEC Birmingham

The NEC hosts a wide range of trade shows each year, attracting thousands of exhibitors. If this is your first time exhibiting at the NEC, more than likely you’ll have a selection of questions that need answering. We’ve aimed to answer some of these below for you.

When should I request a stand design and build proposal?
The simple answer is the longer lead time we have the better. However we also understand that you’re busy people so we request that stands are confirmed at least one month before the show. We occasionally will accept projects with less than one month building time, however this will depend on the scale and details of the project. To request a stand design proposal contact us here 

How much will it cost to build my exhibition stand at the NEC?
This is probably the most common question that we get asked.
Take a moment and imagine a house . . . Is it a big house? a small house? does it sit on a large piece of land or a small piece of land? How many floors does it have? Does it have a garage for storage? Is it a modern house or a traditional house? Is the structure steel or wooden?

Now take a moment, and come back to think about your exhibition space, and the stand that you would like us to design and build for you. To calculate the costs of your trade show stand we need to understand exactly what you want from your space, and your objectives of participating at your chosen trade show. Once we feel that we can visualize your ‘imaginary house’ we will use our experience and expertise to create your ‘house’ in our 3D design software, and calculate the costs of building it for you.

More often that not, we will ask you how much you’d like to spend on your stand. The reason for this is that we frequently build trade show stands ranging from £2,000 – £70,000 GBP. So what we can design and build very much depends on what you consider to be a reasonable amount to spend on your trade show display – after all, you have to ensure that you are getting a suitable return on your investment – whether that be through brand exposure or the selling of your products/services.

To see some of the questions we ask before preparing a proposal for you, click here 

Where to stay when visiting the NEC?
There’s a wide selection of hotels surrounding the NEC, matching and array of budgets. The NEC has helpfully provided a map of hotels surrounding the venue which can be found here. 

Food and Drink at the NEC
On-stand food and beverage services at the NEC
If you’re looking to order additional services such as on-stand food and beverage services you can contact the NEC on 0121 780 4141 or email them at info@necgroup.co.uk
You can also visit the NEC’s hospitality web page here.

Are there any restaurants at the NEC?
The NEC has a wide variety of restaurants across the venue and campus. From Sky By The Water to TGI Fridays or Nandos.

Coffee Shops at the NEC
There will usually be a coffee shop open within the hall where your exhibition is taking place, and there are various other shops around the concourse. There is also a Starbucks which can be found in the Piazza by Hall 5 and one in the Atrium opposite Hall 7.

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